Keratin Hair Treatments

When it comes to hair styling, women would just go to any height to give them a different shape or look. They will go on experimenting with them any hair styling that could be made possible. They will perm them, straighten them, color and highlight them, teased them, curled them or there are many other ways as well that they will go on with experimenting over their hair. Now there are so many hair dressing treatment and the latest induction in this class is the keratin hair treatment. Before we actually move on with discussing this treatment, let move through Keratin. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that is found in our skin, hair and nails. Composed of several amino acids the keratin gives the hair certain level of flexibility or rigidity depending over the extent of keratin present in the hair.
Today, when not only women but also men care so much about their appearance, people pay much attention to their hairstyles. To satisfy all the requirements of a modern person, hairstyling salons provide a wide range of services to their clients: coloring, bleaching, straightening and perm.



Moreover, every day we wash our hair and dry it with hot air. Sun, snow and wind influence are also a source of aggressive influence. The result is that, while searching for our individual style and unique haircut, we damage our hair often ending up with not what we wanted from a magazine picture.

Damaged hair is very difficult to style as it misses its elasticity, radiance and beauty. Hence the following problem arises: how to recover the damaged hair? You can find a lot of solutions on the shelves of beauty shops. But these creams, capsules and lotions can be useful only when your hair is not heavily damaged. If your hair is too brittle, it is better to go for keratin hair treatment that is an intensive rejuvenating therapy.

Keratin is a special component that helps to build our hair and nails. When we overdo with hair styling, keratin can lose its original quality. As a result, you get thin, unmanageable hair. However, scientists have found the way out from this awful situation. The process is simple: keratin is extracted from other natural resources like animal wool. Then a special mixture is applied to damaged hair. Keratin acts like liquid hair and repairs hair structure. After a course of keratin treatment you get soft, shiny hair again. It can also be used to help to straighten curly hair. You can apply keratin coating on healthy hair to protect it from the sun, wind, high/low temperatures influences.

Most often Brazilian keratin hair treatment is provided in high quality hair salons. Originally it was developed in Brazil, but became popular very quickly and a lot of hair stylists have learned and adapted this method. One session lasts for about 2 hours and the cost equals about two hundred dollars for shoulder-long hair. You can say that this methods suits only rich people and you will be wrong, because the total cost of the solution you buy at shops can be even higher, while there will be no visible results. Effects from keratin hair treatment can last for several months! Do not hurry and make smart investments into your beauty!